Enterprise Applications
Applications are the lifeblood of any enterprise. Whether your business relies on traditional tools or wants something specifically tailored, JOS can help marry the best of both worlds. Our versatile approach designs, develops, tailors, and integrates everything for maximum flexibility, usability, and performance. Treating you like our partners, we strive to add tangible values to your business.
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Our Services .


Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The pace of businesses' operations is accelerating at great speed and generating large volumes of unstructured data. A well-designed ECM solution can help digitise, organise and deliver these critical data to internal and external stakeholders.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA replaces certain repetitive workflows with software-based robots, and it’s all to its human operators’ benefit. It helps your business automate manual and enhancing productivity through eliminating human errors and reducing the time to perform tasks.

Enterprise Workflow

The concept of workflow mobility leverages the mobile interface and digital technology to manage, assign, and complete objectives to help optimise communication for productivity, client satisfaction and reduce costs.

App Development

From modernising an old design to developing a new application, we have the expertise to build and design solutions on applications with functions tailored to your business needs, adding substantial values.

Consultancy Services

Identifying business needs through workshops, interviews and deep analysis of key requirements, we propose and design cost-effective solutions via process-driven re-engineering and technology-driven system solutions.

Data Migration

Our highly experienced consultant team helps businesses move data from one system to another, simplifying data ingestion. We identify data sources, perform data mapping, and plan the migration strategy through migration tools or custom-developed scripts.

Our Approach .


  • Fact-Finding
  • Understanding Current State
  • Walkthrough Business Process


  • Analyze Data Collected
  • Identify Pain Points
  • Segregate Good-to-Have's
  • Derive Key Business Requirements


  • Identify Technologies
  • Address Key Requirements
  • Shortlist Products

Solution Design

  • To meet Business & Technology Requirements



Our goal is to help you build your ideal digital workspace, raise your productivity, and boost efficiency.
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