Enterprise Applications
Applications are the lifeblood of any enterprise. Whether your business relies on traditional tools or wants something specifically tailored, JOS can help marry the best of both worlds. Our versatile approach designs, develops, tailors, and integrates everything for maximum flexibility, usability, and performance. Treating you like our partners, we strive to add tangible values to your business.
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We Provide Innovative

Now that the modern workplace has evolved beyond just a physical working space for
your employees, efficiency and efficacy are essential ingredients to thriving businesses.

Organisations are constantly exploring new technologies to automate business processes and enable real-time data information access. The result is often an interconnected
environment that helps accelerate productivity optimisation.

Technology Solutions

At JOS, our goal is to help you build your ideal digital workspace. By intelligently combining leading technologies, a well-designed digital workspace breaks down communication barriers and transform employee and customer experiences. 

It helps promote efficiency, growth and innovation, which results in a significant competitive advantage for your business.

Intelligent Workplace

Building your ideal digital workspace by automating business processes

Productivity Boost

Streamlining team collaboration and boost team’s productivity

Achieving Business Efficiency

Solving business challenges and enhance operations and business efficiencies

Harnessing Data Power

Monitoring data inaccuracies & create actionable insights

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Building a digital workspace

to streamline processes.

Transforming employee experience to promote efficiency, growth and innovation. Our highly experienced JOS team design, build and manage enterprise applications that are customised and configured to your business needs.

Driving solutions with a sustainability focus

Delivering Business Success.

Process/Workflow Automation

- Streamlines business process (E.g. Approvals)
- Complete Audit Trail
- Advanced search and information retrieval
- Generate reports efficiently
- Automate mundane and repetitive tasks, human-errors free

Integration Services

- Connecting on-prem and/or cloud-based processes, services or applications All in 1 platform
- Customisable APIs
- Mobile Applications Development

Enterprise Content Management

- Intranet & extranet
- Documents management
- Records management
- Contract management
- Enterprise searches
- Digital asset management
- Digital signatures
- Optical Character Recognition

Green Technology

- IoT Platform and Solutions
- Smart Energy Management
- Smart Hygiene Management
- Smart Waste Management
- Smart Facility Management

Digital Service

- Digital Twin
- Digital Retail Solution
- Customer Loyalty Program

Consultancy Services

- Digital Transformation
- Club Management
- Manpower Provision

Our engagement model.