Future of IT Solutions
Prepare for the Future of IT Infrastructure.
IT professionals today face the challenge of maintaining the structure and security of traditional IT while still having flexibility and speed for new cloud and mobile applications. Organizations bogged down with tactical troubleshooting and infrastructure management make poor partners to lines of business on an ever-accelerating digital journey. Can your IT enable the business to brave the new normal?

A superior IT infrastructure will be a top priority to meet the new normal.

In recent times, rapid market and technological changes have taxed the information technology (IT) capacities of even the most resourceful firms. What does it take to turn turbulence into a disruptive advantage? It’s time to meet your edge-to-cloud IT needs with proven, workload-optimized IT infrastructure products and solutions from JOS and HPE.

The IT of the past was in the back room – the IT of the future is the face of the company. In the current age of rapid digital innovation, IT is a growing piece of how a company differentiates itself, how it generates revenue and, more importantly, how it generates profit. Your IT infrastructure has to be reliable and cost-effective. It can’t go down.

HPE Primera .

Every organization, regardless of industry, size, or age, has workloads essential to their business. These mission-critical workloads represent the keys for you to unlock innovation, get ahead, and ultimately disrupt the status quo. What if you had access to intelligent storage that manages itself for every mission-critical app of today and tomorrow?


Design a high-end storage platform that offers cloud-like simplicity and yet able to meet all the other high-end storage requirements in the areas of performance, scalability, availability, and functionality.


Get Extreme Resiliency and Performance

Find out how HPE Primera redefines high-end storage with automated and single-click simplicity, intelligence to self-heal, and self-optimize.


Always-On Availability for Your Data

Be prepared for anything with always-on availability. Find out how HPE Primera allows your hosts, virtual machines (VMs), and data to move freely across data centers.


Eliminating Downtime With HPE Primera

Learn how Kverneland Group ensured 24x7 availability of critical data storage systems to support both staff and customers.



Businesses of all sizes are turning to IT teams to unlock innovation and agility and lead disruption rather than become a victim of it. As enterprises continue to evolve, IT complexity will only increase, and a strong argument can already be made that the more human-intensive management approaches of the recent past cannot cope with this increasing complexity.

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