Helping you solve complex IT problems.
We give you round-the-clock access to subject matter experts, IT solutions and robust technologies so you won’t have to handle them on your own.
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Technology is evolving at breakneck speed.

How can you keep up?

Technology is a powerful enabler in today’s digital world. Thus, several costs and complexities are associated with maintaining an on-prem or hybrid IT team and managing your tech tools.

JOS IT-as-a-Service helps you resolve complex IT challenges, helping you allocate your resources to the accurate investment, empowering your team to focus on the strategic projects for your business growth.

IT needs to be agile and scalable.

Here’s how we can help.

Gain 24/7 access to IT experts for faster mean time to repair (MTTR)

Scale up or down depending on your needs and current budget

Maintain control of business-critical systems and resolve complexities

Eliminate tedious processes and enjoy low maintenance costs

Allow internal staff to focus on their core functions and competencies

Have on-demand technical resources to perform onsite IT tasks

Our Services

We help you stay on top of your tech, have access to the right technology, and resolve daily IT issues unique to your business.

IT solutions for enterprise

Hardware Maintenance Services

Our dedicated team provides an unparalleled level of system and network hardware maintenance. We operate as your key partner for your data centre operations, optimising and simplifying your hardware maintenance process from start to end.

Make technology work to your advantage with JOS, from resolving issues like troubleshooting hardware to downtime, etc. It’s time to boost productivity and maintain operational efficiency. 

One Contact. Multiple Solutions.


Loaner Units Model

Diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolution, with JOS SLA

Highest level of support and service experience

Minimise OPEX

Access to advanced technologies

Regular security patches

IT solutions for enterprise

System Maintenance Services

Get exactly what you need, when, and where you need it. No more. No less. JOS System Maintenance Services ensures that your IT performance is always at its optimal state. Through this service, you have your dedicated pool of experts who can help you stay on top of your systems, network, storage, and security, whether remotely or onsite.


End-user computing support

Server, storage, security and network support

IT deployment
(New and Refresh)

IT solutions for enterprise

Managed Services

Your IT support should be as flexible and as scalable as your business. We guarantee you the best bang for your buck in leveraging expert IT support and services that cater to your unique requirements. Our team can provide you with a complete all-around suite of IT support required by today’s winning enterprises in various industries.

We offer you a dedicated and qualified IT team while you maintain 100% control of your entire IT environment. On top of that, you also get a tailored IT deployment system to optimise your business operations, allowing us to fulfill our mission of helping you enjoy IT cost predictability by addressing complex and time-consuming problems.

What You Get With

JOS Managed Services

Your internal staff can focus on their core competencies instead of juggling from one job to another. No need to pay for expensive staff training and certifications; you will be working with our expert technicians to meet your needs.

Maintain control of business-critical systems while getting support from proactive IT experts. Our technicians, engineers, and project managers have vast experience in providing IT solutions to various industries and businesses of all sizes.

Get the latest technology resource right for your business growth, without compromising resources and costs. JOS Managed Services ensures you faster scalability and a comprehensive business continuity strategy.

JOS IT Support Benefits


Latest Technology Resource Access


Faster Business Scalability


Better Resource Costs Control


Business Continuity Assurance


on Demand


IT Support Outsourcing
● Deskside
● Datacenter
● Infrastructure

Fully Customisable Utility Model
● IMAC Support
● Deskside / Helpdesk Support
● User Account / System Administration
● Asset / Patch Management